Liberated: Enhanced Edition (VGNY Soft) [Switch]

Liberated: Enhanced Edition (VGNY Soft) [Switch]


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Liberated Enhanced Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

Release date: Q2 2021.

Only 2 left in stock

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Liberated: Enhanced Edition?is a video game that unfolds across the pages of a comic book. A revolution in digital comics, where action/adventure gameplay and story transition seamlessly across the pages of a hand-drawn graphic novel.


Liberated explores a tangible near-future: an always-online society ripe for the bloom of authoritarianism. As technology empowers government control, an insurgent group of Liberated men and women rises. This is not a story about good vs. evil, it?s a story about people and the truths they hold. But truth is a matter of perspective.



  • A video game that you play within comic book pages.
  • Side-scrolling action: gunplay, stealth, platforming.
  • Seamless transitions between gameplay and hand-drawn story panels.
  • Individually Numbered Release!
  • EXCLUSIVE VGNYsoft Cover limited to 1500pcs!

Enhanced Edition Includes:

  • 2 additional story DLCs
  • Full English voice-over
  • Gameplay enhancements.

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