Beholder Complete Edition Collector’s Edition (Import) [Switch]

Beholder Complete Edition Collector’s Edition (Import) [Switch]


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Beholder Complete Edition Collectors Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

European import

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Only 1 left in stock

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Collector’s Edition contains: Game + DLC, T-Shirt, Art book and Badge.

Journey deeper into the world of hard West and meet a colorful cast of playable characters whose fates are intimately intertwined with yours. Together you will need to make divisive choices to uncover the ultimate plans of the ancient powers at play, as you Unravel a deep narrative storyline featuring multiple endings depending on the choices you make during the game

Welcome to the Wild West as you’ve never seen before. Follow Warren on his descent into the darkest recesses of the human soul and try to survive in a world full of hard choices and even harder consequences. Because in this world, death is a constant presence and the black pacts which you make with forces beyond human comprehension will forever haunt all those around you.

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